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Exhilarating Dragon Dance at Impiana Hotel Ipoh

2012 Feb 08



IN conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration, Impiana Hotel, Ipoh recently hosted a traditional lion and dragon dance at the hotel. This auspicious cultural event was witnessed and celebrated by all staff and hotel guests, bringing happiness and good luck to one and all.

The drums echoed through the lobby where the lion and dragon dance began, and moved through the whole hotel. Oranges and lettuce, gold ingots and coins were strewn to all guests who rushed forward to collect their fortune. It was an exhilarating experience for everyone present.

This was the first time the hotel organized a lion dance together with a dragon dance, with the hope that this Water Dragon year will bring more goodwill and long term partnerships with all our clients, management and staff.

We are all looking forward to The Water Dragon Year which is also Visit Perak Year 2012. The Impiana team is committed towards providing  a truly Malaysian welcome to all its international travelers with spectacular events organized throughout the year” says Mr. Mark Rummery, General Manager of Impiana Hotel, Ipoh.

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